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Jan 09, 2009

Official Midnyte Website Debuts

Late yesterday this website went live, and it's great to have a central place where everyone can go for information about the project. It's the second website I've been a part of in promoting a show, but the last one was feebly coded by my rookie hands, while this one has pros who know what they are doing and doing it well, not to mention fast.

There are a few things to do here right now, but I hope to implement more on a consistent basis that will make regular visits a posititve experience. I hope to be adding easter eggs hidden with the site as well as links in the 'diary' section of the blog that will create more intrigue and mystery. Who can get enough of that?

As a result of this blog being created (and the chance that Blogger could glitch and take the other blog with it), all new updates will be posted here. This is a much safer venue, and I hope will keep you coming back for more, more, more! Spread the word!

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