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Mar 04, 2009

Everything Looks Perfect Until Shoot Day...

Here's a fun little production story that may sound familiar to some of you.  When scouting the alley location (mentioned previously in this blog), it seemed perfect.  Isolation from traffic and the general public, a wonderful manager who not only let us shoot there whenever we wanted, but gave us a key to locked doors, and always perfect light due to perpetual shade.  It was perfect, almost too perfect...

When we started shooting on Saturday, one thing became blatantly obvious that we could have never accounted for.  The dang alley is in a flight path!  Every man made flying machine seemed to always be directly over us, and the sound carried right in between those narrow walls.  This is okay when we were essentially shooting silent, but when the mics came out, so did the Air Force.

It's just more of Murphy's Law and filmmaking.  Maybe it should be called Murphy's Law OF filmmaking:  Everything will go wrong, especially when it appears just right.


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Mar 02, 2009

30 Second Trailer

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