Guess What I've Been Doing All Day...

Feb 17, 2009

I know it's a very necessary part of the production process, but storyboarding is tedium at its greatest level.  Alfred Hitchcock has been quoted as saying that this was the most rewarding part of filmmaking, because the creativity was at its freshest, with shooting on the set just a formality.  Okay, I get it, but scribbling out bad doodles of what you want your shots to look like ain't all that fun.  Maybe if I had my own storyboard artist to make me look good, I might feel otherwise.  Right now it's just drudgery.  Necessary drudgery, but still drudgery.


Christopher Sharpe on 05/05/2009

I'm experiencing this drudgery right now. So many shots - so many badly drawn pictures - not enough time.

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