MidNyte Cast and Crew

pricilla polandPriscilla Poland

Priscilla Poland discovered her love for acting when she was still a child in Brazil, where she was born. She used to write short plays, cast them among her siblings, and perform to family members. Her father and grandfather helped with the sets, and her mother helped with costumes. Priscilla loved doing this and rejoiced when some of her short plays made it into orphanages and church shows.

At age 12 she joined a theater acting company, where she performed in a more professional setting and traveled with the group as well. After some years with them she begin to venture into Brazilian film and television. She later moved to the United States where she has lived for the last twelve years. Priscilla has continued acting in the U.S. and is truly grateful for all the opportunities she has had. She is very excited about "Midnyte" and feels her character is one of her most challenging roles!

Priscilla is married and has a nearly two-year-old daughter and feels her family is her biggest and best achievement. Aside from acting, Priscilla's other passions include dance, playing the piano, photography, and arts & crafts.

jessica pearceJessica Pearce

A Utah native, Jessica has been acting professionally for 10 years. She can be seen (and heard) in local television and radio commercials, and in local programs on KBYU and KJZZ. Recent film credits include "With or Without You," directed by Terry Parkin.

Jessica comes from a strong theatre background, and has performed with nearly all the major theatre companies in Utah, including Pioneer Theatre Company, Hale Centre Theatre, and Utah Musical Theatre. Past stage roles include "Palatine" in the national premiere of The Slipper and the Rose, "Laurie" in Oklahoma! at the Playmill theatre in Montana, and "Dynamite" in New Zealand's premiere of the original work, Lupin.

In 2004, Jessica graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Musical Theatre, and she is currently pursuing her Master's at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. When she is not studying or acting, Jessica enjoys writing, hiking, puppy dogs, and singing at the top of her lungs.

Jessica is thrilled to be working on Midnyte with such a delightful cast and crew. She would like to thank her family, especially her parents, Rhonda and Drew Pearce, for their constant support.

petra pallosPetra Pallos

Petra was born in Hungary and came to the United States to pursue a dancing career. She began theatre acting in College and was part of a comedy improv group, "But Seriously" in Colorado.

After moving to Salt Lake City, she focused mainly on film, working on commercials and as a guest on random tv spots.

She can be seen in Scott Eggleston's short movie, "Middle of Nowhere". When not shooting exiting sci-fi-films, she can be found, "running in the park and causing trouble". Petra is a social worker and currently pursuing her degree in counseling.

She is exited to work with such a talented and creative director, cast and crew.



sarah kentSarah Kent

As the wife in the car driving through rain on a dark night, Sarah Kent has thoroughly enjoyed working with the cast and crew on the very suspenseful MidNyte.TV project.

Sarah Kent hails herself as being a California native, a Utah local and Tokyo regular having grown up most of her life in all of the above. As an actor, her greatest love is performing with comedy improv troupes. She has studied with various improv groups, including C&E Improv Factor and the Groundlings in Hollywood. Continues her study of film acting with Anne Sward Hansen in Utah while keeping to a Meisner based approach to the craft. Having studied Meisner with Iris Klein in Los Angeles and commercial audition technique with Stuart K. Robinson, she loves to be continually learning and growing in the art of acting. Some of her recent credits include CubeFarmRefuggees webisode on YouTube directed by Neobi Velis and Simone Bartesaghi, guest star on TLC "Diagnosis X" and the film "Death of David" directed by Greg Keiffer.

Sarah likes to keep herself busy when she's not acting making sushi, eating sushi, studying editing and graphic design, oil painting, running, yoga, and did I mention, she likes sushi? Cuz, yeah, she eats a lot of sushi.


aline andradeAline Andrade

Aline Andrade was born November 2nd 1981 in Brazil where she started modeling at age 14. She first moved to the U.S. at 17, but moved to and from Brazil a few times.

She had her first acting class in college, where she discovered the art scared and mesmerized her. Overwhelmed by the feelings acting stirred, she pursued other goals and moved around never feeling quite settled.

In 2005, she attended classes at the Actors Workshop Theatre Training Institute in Boston where she had her first film audition. She was cast as "the Angel" in the " Absent Father (imdb.com), an indie film by Douglas Chang.

Only when she moved to Salt Lake City in 2008, and contracted the Sundance fever, did she actively engage in acting workshops and auditions. She currently feels like she somewhat belongs. We'll see how long "that" will last.


shalaina fotheringhamShalaina Fotheringham